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Supplier Registration ServiceWe’ll get you pre-approved

Did you know that 80% of public tenders are restricted? This means suppliers on governments’ pre-approved lists are winning most bids for public tenders! We’ll help you get on approved lists that best fit your services, and help you complete the registration process.

Increase Your Visibility

Once you’re on the list, your chances of getting considered are higher since you’re already pre-qualified.

Fast-track the Lengthy Process

As with most government processes, registering for approved supplier lists can be tedious and lengthy. Our experts will help you fast-track the process.

Let the Opportunities Come to You

As part of the approved supplier list, you’ll be among the first to know when new opportunities come up.

  • Cindy Y.
    Sales Support, High-Tech Manufacturing
    “We happily profit from the highly competent, holistic approach RFP Alert Services offers. Thank you!”
  • Gary S.
    VP Business Development, Construction company
    “An immense time-saver….”
  • Anthony L.
    CEO, Consulting company
    “RFP Alert Services allows us to use our resources more wisely, which means we can be more focused on our targeted opportunities.”
  • Mark C.
    Director of Sales, Technology sector
    “The information and advice provided by RFP Alert Services is precise, highly-qualified and targeted to our needs!”

Save time & money by getting on approved supplier lists

Our supplier list inclusion service includes:
  • A list of recommended agencies based on your offering
  • An expert that’ll guide you through the registration process