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Tender Bid Consulting ServicesBenefit from decades of experience & big data

The public sector can be challenging—we’ve spent years understanding the processes and gathering intelligence to help businesses be competitive and achieve success.

Get Some Expert Advice

Our expert advisors have decades of experience in the public sector, and can coach you on how to effectively and efficiently navigate the market.

Increase Your Success Rate

Whether you’re new to the public sector or already have experience bidding on public tenders, our consultants can guide you on how to improve and increase your overall success rate.

Big Data = Big Insights

With our AI-powered platform and seasoned experts, we can sort through an immense amount of data, including actual tender awards, to provide you with valuable competitive & market intelligence, insights on market demand.

  • Cindy Y.
    Sales Support, High-Tech Manufacturing
    “We happily profit from the highly competent, holistic approach RFP Alert Services offers. Thank you!”
  • Gary S.
    VP Business Development, Construction company
    “An immense time-saver….”
  • Anthony L.
    CEO, Consulting company
    “RFP Alert Services allows us to use our resources more wisely, which means we can be more focused on our targeted opportunities.”
  • Mark C.
    Director of Sales, Technology sector
    “The information and advice provided by RFP Alert Services is precise, highly-qualified and targeted to our needs!”

Don’t let the challenges of the public sector hold you back…

Our professional & consulting services are tailored to help you achieve growth and success in the public sector:
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Bid response review, coaching with proposal writing, and bid auditing
  • Assessment of your business practices to increase bidding success
  • Specialized competitive information studies